Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to cut your own bangs.

MONTHS ago I was agonizing about whether or not to cut my bangs. Well, a few days ago I decided I want to cut them. I saw some recent photos of myself and just cringed when I saw my semi grown out bangs just hanging there, with no purpose but to confuse innocent bystanders. And of course the cutting was something that needed to be documented! And it turned into a how to, so let's get to it:

Pick a spot at the top of your head. Since I always keep my parting on the left side, I decided to pick the spot from along my parting. Then make two parts in a triangle-ish shape towards the front, leaving the hair you want for your bangs at the front and the rest secured back with hair clips. If you picked your starting spot at the center you can easily do a symmetrical parting, but since I wanted to keep my side parting my triangle is more wonky. 

Use scissors that are meant for cutting hair. Cut your bangs to the length your want them (careful!).

Then take your scissors, hold on to them in the same direction as your bangs (vertically), and start chopping just a couple mm in to your bangs. This will make your bangs a little bit more lively and textured.

The wicked wind kept messing up this shot with flyaways! Oh well.

So relieved to have my bangs back! I can't believe I ever doubted them. Remind me to read this the next time I even think of growing them out.