Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Black and White Words Basket Makeover

We've been living  in this apartment for over a year. The apartment is still not where I want it to be; we need to paint all of these colorful walls to make everything make sense. We might be moving closer to downtown in just a few months, though, so I don't want to paint more rooms before we know if we are staying. Anyhow, I needed to bring more black and white in! And there's just something magical with words, so I wanted to incorporate them into this project.

I happened to find these zebra striped baskets at Michaels; I've been looking for baskets for a while but nothing has caught my eye. I love the shape, size, handles and material of these so I went for them even though I no longer want to live with zebra stripes (yes, at some point in my life I had zebra striped sofa cushions. Mrau.).

So I painted these ones with some white crafts paint, and then I used a brush to paint on very simple black letters. Tadaa!

Saker&Ting pretty much means Bits&Pieces in Swedish. It was Husband's idea; clever guy!

I still haven't decided where to put them, but I love how they turned out.

What would you write on yours?

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